Worship Ministry Coordinator

Job description part-time worship ministry coordinator


  1. Be responsible to the pastor and the church for planning and coordinating a comprehensive music program.
  2. Direct adult choir and/or adult ensembles for rehearsals, worship services and special programs.
  3. Assist and submit to the pastor in planning the worship services of the church, being responsible for the selection of congregational music and special music.
  4. Use a variety of music such as: traditional hymns, praise and worship, and gospel music.
  5. Coordinate the special music schedule using music groups and individuals in worship services and special programs.
  6. Purchase music and materials for all choirs and ensembles.
  7. Supervise the maintenance of, and additions to, the musical equipment and the music library.
  8. Request from the finance committee the music budget needed for monthly and yearly expenditures.