Grace Library Services

Our media library contains approx. 10,000 items for all ages in the form of books (fiction, non-fiction, biographies, resource), DVD’s, books on CD, and Bible study kits.  The library is not just available to church members but to the community and any non-members.
Our mission is 3-fold: 

  • A library that will be honoring to God in its purpose
  • To provide media that encourages spiritual growth not only for our church members but for the community as well
  • To provide media with Christian values for entertainment for all ages

Sunday morning – 8:30-11:15
Sunday evening – 6:00-6:30 & immediately after the service
Wednesday – 6:00-8:00
Donations can be made either as a ‘memorial’ in memory of someone or as an ‘honorarium’ in honor of someone.  Placing a book or DVD as an honorarium is a good way to honor someone’s birthday, anniversary, graduation, birth of a child, any special occasion.  Any of the library staff can help you with the details.