Groups at Grace

Small groups at Grace Baptist Church exist as smaller units of community within the greater body of the church. The various types of groups provide pastoral care, community, and spiritual growth. There are four types of groups: Sunday School, Redemptive Groups, Bible Studies, and Missional Communities. A description for each can be found below. 

Sunday School
Originally established to aid Americans in learning to read. Sunday school has developed into a community of believers who do quarterly studies. The prime focus of these groups is growth and biblical knowledge. These groups are age specific and more structured. Click image above for schedule. 

Redemption Groups
We all need help from time to time. Are you struggling with grief or divorce? Redemption Groups are designed to provide a space and community to aid the healing process. They apply biblical truth where we hurt. These groups are temporary. Redemption groups typically work on a thirteen week cycle. Click image above for schedule.
Bible Studies
Small groups focused on spiritual growth both in biblical knowledge and life application. These groups meet mainly Sunday night and/or Wednesday night. They may be broke down by gender or topic of choice. Click image above for schedule.
Missional Communities
Small groups designed with high flexibility and three different aspects. The three aspects are: belonging, being, and blessing. Belonging in a community, Being a worshiper of God, and Blessing others. These groups seek to balance community, worship, and mission. Click image above for schedule.